ACPA in Cairns

Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts is heading north to present Suspend, a program of two innovative works at the Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns.

Resist Retreat, choreographed by Caitlin and Gabe Comerford, explores the Fight or Flight instinct of animals and humans. What gives us the strength to resist retreat, to hold our ground, to surge forward despite the pulsating heartbeat of fear pounding in our ears, urging us to turn and run?

In Forbidden Land dancers are stuck in an unfamiliar world on unsolid ground. Choreographed by Cody Raymond and Bradley Chatfield, the piece asks if we are powerless over our choices in the world: can we choose our own path?

Dates: Friday 16 - Saturday 17 September, 7.30pm
Venue: The Theatre, Centre of contemporary Arts Cairns
Tickets: General Admission $19, Concession $15
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