Arts QLD – 10 Year Roadmap

Advocating for Dance in Queensland

Arts Queensland is currently undertaking a survey to map the arts sector. They are interested in hearing how you think the sector can support Queensland priorities, and what the opportunities are to expand current practice and initiatives.

The discussion paper Creating Queensland’s Future: 10-Year Roadmap for the arts, cultural and creative sector consultation invites the public and communities across the state, industry, business and all levels of government to share insights on how best to take advantage of these opportunities, meet our challenges and inform the future direction for the sector in Queensland.

Brisbane Independent Artist, Lizzie Vilmanis (Prying Eye Pro), has complied a comprehensive check list to help you complete this survey to ensure your voice is heard.

If you’re feeling like it’s a big task to write and submit a response to the 10 year road map for the arts, cultural and creative sector you’re not alone!

You have the opportunity to get involved to drive the future that you want!

… How?

1. Read the discussion paper.

2. Ask yourself if you understood it.

3. Write down what you didn’t understand and ask for clarification.

4. If you’re having trouble answering a question that’s been posed, consider why that question might be hard to answer and write that down. Do you have the context/information you need to answer the question? Is the question too big? If so, why? Does it feel like the right question to be answering? If not, why not?

5. Consider what is implied in the statements being made. Ask yourself what basis those statements might be made on. Is there evidence? Has reason been given? Do you agree with the statement?

6. Look at the examples provided. Do they give you an overview of the whole sector?

7. What are the themes that resonate with you after reading the paper?

8. How did you feel after reading the paper? Why do you think that was? Does this raise more questions?

9. What language is used? How does this affect the value that you attribute to the sector as a whole? And/or to parts of the sector? Do you agree with the language being used and any value attribution being given?

10. Ask yourself if the vision/document covered everything. If not, what was missing?

Remember – we don’t always have the answers, what we do have though is more questions that can help us find the answers! Not having the answers and asking questions is just as valid a response to the discussion paper and could form the response that you submit.

Thanks Lizzie for this comprehensive explanation! Original post can be found here.

You can share your thoughts by:

  • Completing the survey on the Arts QLD website 
  • Setting up a face-to-face consultation
  • Via written submission to 
  • Attending a public forum (list on the Arts QLD website)

More info on the Arts QLD website


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