DIY Festival 2016

The DIY Festival returns in 2016 with a bigger, much more ambitious task for our artists. Over four nights, 100 artists from a variety of backgrounds are given the opportunity to present their new, original work; all inspired by the festival theme, EVOLVE. Held at Raw Dance company in Moorooka, the festival will be presenting a wide variety of theatre, dance, visual arts, film animation, live art, live music and much much more!

Headlining this years festival is Human (Read Humane) choreographed by Jacob Watton.

Human (Read Humane) is about home: where it is, what it means, what would happen if something happened to it. This work deconstructs this modern evolution of home from a place, to the community and connections that travel with you. This Dance/Theatre work draws heavily on the lives and blood lines of the works cast. Let Meg, Mara, Nadia, Sophie, and Lilly take you on a journey from desert sand storms and stormy sea’s to living rooms in Australia, America, South Africa, and Europe.

Human (Read Humane) will be performed at The DIY Festival on all four nights from 9.30pm.

When: November 24-27, Doors open at 6pm
Where: Raw Dance Company, 46 Evesham Street, Moorooka QLD 4105
Tickets: Single Night - $25 per person, Two Nights - $35 per person
Bookings and more info: