Get Queensland Dancing!

Advocating for Dance in Queensland

Ausdance QLD is working towards a world where all Queenslanders have access to inclusive dancing opportunities. We know anecdotally and through health research that recreational dancing leads to healthier and happier communities. We also believe that dancing for the sake of movement and creativity is just as important.

If you have any questions about how we’re getting Queensland dancing or you want to get involved, contact our Dance Development Consultant.

To get to this goal, we are focusing on three key, interrelated areas of work:


Research that informs Advocacy and Public Dance Participation Projects


Public Dance Participation Projects that highlight further sector challenges requiring Research and Advocacy.


Advocacy that prompts Public Dance Participation Projects


In 2019 we are undertaking extensive sector research that maps Queensland’s dance practitioners that are delivering dancing opportunities to their communities.


The 2019 focus for advocacy is on dance and health. This includes dancing that happens in healthcare contexts, such as hospitals and allied health practices, as well as dancing in the community that keeps people feeling well!

Public Dance Participation Projects

Ausdance QLD will be delivering projects in Brisbane and the regions in 2019. Regional offerings will focus on providing continual professional development opportunities for dance teachers. Brisbane offerings will encourage members of the general public who aren’t already dancing to give it a go!