How to choose a dance studio

Choosing a dance school or teacher for your child can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of studios and classes to choose from - some will focus on dance as a recreational activity, others as preparation for a career, and others as a fitness or social activity.

The needs and expectations of parents and students will, of course, vary depending on the age of the children, but be aware that students will benefit greatly from experiencing a variety of dance styles and teachers, and opportunities to perform in different environments, and so ideally will not be locked into one particular style.

Look for:

  • sound teaching qualifications
  • good communication skills
  • a thorough understanding of safe dance practice
  • an appropriate and safe space to dance in
  • knowledge of basic First Aid and OH&S obligations
  • awareness of age appropriate activities and sound lesson structure
  • a positive, joyful and nurturing learning environment
  • clearly defined assessment procedures.

A well-managed school will keep parents and students informed about fees, events, student progress, etc. and will make it easy for students and parents to ask questions.

Ask the teacher plenty of questions and try to get testimonials or recommendations from other parents or professionals.

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