New Move Network Cairns Program

New Move Network 2015- 2016: a dedicated program of contemporary dance presentations and audience development by a consortium of independent dance artists in partnership with key stakeholders the Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns, Ausdance Queensland, James Cook University and Nintiringanyi Cultural Training Centre.

Connect: Workshop Program 2015
Monday 30 March 2015, 6pm Joseph Simons: Contemporary Dance Techniques
6-11 July (NAIDOC Week) Gary Lang: Contemporary Dance  NMN_RT_July_2015
Fri 31 July, 3-5pm (TBC) Bradley Chatfield: Contemporary Dance Techniques
14-15 August 2015 (TBC) Dancenorth
Monday 30 Nov, 6pm (TBC) Lisa Wilson: Contemporary Dance Techniques
Connect: Workshop Program 2016
Saturday 2 April 2016, 3-5pm Sue Healey: Contemporary Dance Techniques

Performances & Events Program
30-31 March 2015
Joseph Simons: First Things First
From one of Australia's most innovative performing artists comes First Things First - a one-man show of technically virtuosic dance and hilarious physical theatre that explores the art of 'getting used to it'.
Joseph Simons blasted onto the international dance scene winning the Outstanding Emerging Artist Award for WA AusDance in 2009. Since then, he has toured the world with many of Australia's major dance companies, including the enormously popular Chunky Move.
Now, you can catch him live performing his own special brand of dance theatre, in an evening of firsts you'll never forget! Do you remember your first day of school? The first time you rode a bike? Your first kiss? The first time is always memorable. But then you do it a second time, then a third. Suddenly, it's second nature.
Join award-winning performer Joseph Simons in this mind-blowing display of physicality with his signature charm and wit. First Things First begins in the foyer of the theatre, where Joseph is hosting a party for all his friends - you! This is your chance to meet Joseph, have a chat, and be introduced to other members of the audience. Then head into the theatre to watch Joseph doing what he does best!
Following critically acclaimed seasons in Berlin and New York, Simons is thrilled to return home to perform First Things First for Australian audiences.
90 minutes (no interval)
13 June 2015
Igneous + Bonemap: FLUIDATA
In association with www.water-wheel.netNMN_RT_June_2015-01
FLUIDATA is an immersive, explorable installation with durational performances by Igneous, a Brisbane-based intermedia & performance company. The work explores
questions around the state of Queensland creeks, the ways in which digital media can help connect audiences with the natural environment and anecdotes about local waterways.
Igneous are the co-founders of Waterwheel, a globally successful online platform dedicated to the awareness, celebration, care and accessibility of water everywhere.Their journey has seen them initiate and partake in international collaborations with artists, scientists and activists. For the development of FLUIDATA, Igneous artists James Cunningham and Suzon Fuks drove 7000 km, crossed 663 waterways, and slowly, quietly walked down two-dozen creeks throughout Queensland.
Igneous 'FLUIDATA installation will open on 13 June 2015 with performances by James Cunningham and Suzon Fuks (in Brisbane), simultaneously with Russell Milledge and Rebecca Youdell of Bonemap (in Cairns) linked via this Tap, open to online audience anywhere in the world.
The performance starts Saturday 13 June at 7pm (AEST) with Igneous at The Block,
Creative Industries Precinct, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, and Bonemap at Centre of Contemporary Arts, Cairns, as part of New Move Network.
The FLUIDATA Installation will then remain open to the public in Brisbane, at The Block, QUT, 14–20 June, 3–9pm daily, with more performances and events on Waterwheel during the week. Keep an eye out for upcoming Tap events.
120 minutes (no interval)
1 August 2015, 10am-2pm
talks + dialogues Sector development and planning
Experiencing context for our region - Works in with CIAF activities visitors get
to experience active cultural vibe / contemporary dance work
Who are you?
What do you think?
What do you think we should do?
Marilyn Miller, Annette McLernon, Ruth Hodgman, Ann McLean, Charles Wiles
Sector networking over drinks nibbles, 2pm
11-15 August
Dancenorth  workshops and season
28 August - 5 September 2015 in association with Cairns Festival
Biddigal Performing Arts (In residence at CoCA from the 17 August 2015)
Directed by Pauline Lampton and choreographed in collaboration with performers of Biddigal Performing Arts
Guest Choreographer Earl Rosás: Biddigal Dreaming
Biddigal Performing Arts is an elite and exclusive company of Indigenous caretakers
who have been given permission by elders around the country to share their centuries-old stories with the world by way of the performing arts.
Biddigal Dreaming has captured a tapestry of Australia’s Indigenous heritage and
history by sitting with elders from the nations of Yidinji, Wiradjuri, Bundjalung,
Warlawarra, Giddamay and descendants from the Tafea Province (Tanna Island,
Vanuatu) who are now Australian South Sea Island descendants.
The stories we are about to showcase are passed on from generation to generation. Biddigal Performing Arts are truly honoured to be bearers of such intimate and personal stories, which reflect our elders’ storyline and cultural identity. Special guest appearance by Nicole Lampton from Sound of AustraNesia.
60 minutes (no interval) (duration TBC)Fri 28 Aug, 7.30pm | Sat 29 Aug, 11am
Thu 3 Sep, 11am | Fri 4 Sep, 6pm | Sat 5 Sep, 11am & 7.30pm
Community day festival Sat, 11am
12-17 October 2015
Bonemap (Russell Milledge and Rebecca Youdell) and Clocked Out (Erik Griswold
and Vanessa Tomlinson) in an Innovate Residency
Bonemap and Clocked Out come together to develop a new work entitled “Time Crystals.” The project takes as its starting point a recent discovery in physics - of strange, perpetually moving particles called time crystals, or space-time crystals.
Using prepared piano, percussion, movement, mirrors, video and media, Clocked
Out and Bonemap will explore complex repeating patterns, circularity, and crystalline
shapes to create an immersive and engaging live performance event.
Picture dancer Rebecca Youdell performing a complex sequence of angles, her
image refracted through an array of mirrors and projections (created by Russell
Milledge) – a lifesized, moving “kaleidoscope.”
Short rhythmic motifs gradually grow and contract, passing from percussion (Vanessa Tomlinson) to piano (Erik Griswold) and back. Delicate, echoing textures, drifting in and out synch with dance and reflection, constantly shifting.

60 minutes (no interval)

 6-10 October 2015 (TBC)
THE FARM (choreographers. Gavin Webber and Grayson Millwood):
Cock Fight
Two blokes in an office. One older, one younger, each body pushed to its limits in
this hilarious and ultimately tender piece of physical theatre. These men challenge
each other in a series of comical one-upmanships that build to a moment of impact
where everything is suspended, the flash of bared teeth, the mutual reliance on the
fight, the desperation and loneliness of success.
Cock Fight is a poetic look at the power play that occurs between men and the frailty of the body. It is evocative of age and passing time and questions our culture’s desperate desire for achievement. Without each other these two performers have nothing left to fight for.
At the heart of Cock Fight is a very real relationship between Josh and Gav who have
been working together for many years. Their humour, trust and understanding allows
them to take extreme physical risks that will leave you on the edge of your seat.
Bringing together the inventive theatricality of physical theatre company THE FARM
with NORPA’s Artistic Director Julian Louis, Cockfight will provoke and excite in equal measure.
Come and see what happens when these two men give it all they’ve got.
Patron advice: Recommended for ages 15+
70 minutes (no interval)
Feb/March 2016
CFAT (choreographer Catherine Hassall): in an Innovate Residency
Catherine Hassall's choreographic work within the Centre for Australasian Theatre is
often overshadowed by the multiple demands of producing independent theatre. This residency will enable an intensive focus on dance/choreography, and search for new hybrid dance possibilities within the context of our intercultural and interdisciplinary work where the borders between dance and theatre, and between cultures are constantly shifting. With butoh/body weather at the core of my dance practice, the residency will also provide new community engagement possibilities to increase understanding of this unusual Japanese dance/theatre form.
currently: 12/09/16 - 16/10/16 or February 2016


11-23 April 2016
Claire Marshall Flaunt, presented in association with Metro Arts (TBC)
She’s worked with Darren Hayes, Kate Miller-Heidke,Megan Washington, Little Birdie, The
Sleepy Jackson, John Butler Trio, Powderfinger and Tycho Brahe; now see the acclaimed Claire Marshall bring sexy back to the stage in this new show.
Enter the world of Flaunt where a smoky haze, dazzling lights and myriad bodies surround you. Unleash your inner voyeur and witness virtuosic dancers performing above and around you, to a thrilling soundtrack. Claire’s work as a contemporary choreographer for the stage and screen comes to the fore in this new collaboration, which takes the smoke, mirrors and glamour of night clubs and embeds it with a clever and insightful look at female sexuality and empowerment.
Patron advice: Recommended for ages 15+
52 minutes (no interval)
1 April-29 May 2016
Sue Healey: On View,  presented in association with KickArts
On View is a luminous, cinematic experience evoking the reverential spaces of a portrait gallery. The work dissects the body with an analytical intimacy as it explores the dimensions of portraiture and how we view each other.
On View presents video and live portraits of three Australian dance artists central to Healey’s recent work: Shona Erskine, Benjamin Hancock and Raghav Handa– an archive of movement histories. On View is a celebration of these artists’ unique skills in shaping identity through meticulous attention to movement. It exposes diverse ways of thinking through the body.
Healey’s work reveals the drama that exists at the boundaries between the choreographic and the filmic – a provocative dialogue between performers and their cinematic selves, articulating how we see and are seen.
Winner Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film/New Media – 2014 Australian Dance Awards.
Film: Sue Healey
Choreographer: Sue Healey, in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Shona Erskine, Benjamin Hancock, Raghav Handa,
Director of Photography: Judd Overton, Music: Darrin Verhagen, Justin Ashworth, Lighting Designer: Karen Norris
1-2 April 2016, 7pm
Performance - 60 minutes (no interval)
1 April - 29 May, 2016
Video installation - 22 minutes
30 May-11 June 2016
Raghav Handa: The Shifter
20 June-8 July 2016
Rita Pryce in an Innovate Residency

This New Move Network Program has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.
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The presenting partners are New Move Network, Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns and Ausdance Queensland.

Ausdance represents the Australian dance profession. An industry that creates, performs, presents, researches and educates.

Ausdance Queensland is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, part of Department of Premier and Cabinet.Queensland-Government_RGB

Ausdance Queensland, New Move network and COCA acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, and the Elders, past and present.