Open Practice collaborative workshops

Brisbane dance artists: are you looking for a regular meetup?

Open Practice meetup, led by Sandi Woo and Emma Wilson, is an open space for practitioners to facilitate and research movement practices drawn from their current interests and explorations.

This is a laboratory environment where you can try out, or try on, new ideas and ways of thinking about dance.

Open Practice is being held every Wednesday 11-1pm between 12 October and 30 November in the Judith Wright Centre, and is open to anyone interested in investigating and reflecting on the possibilities of bodies moving (or not) in the studio space together.

Facilitators and participants are invited to write a brief reflection post-session each week on the Open Practice page. This may include, for example, key ideas, discoveries, questions, thoughts that arise, and will be an online resource for anyone wanting to keep track of the trajectory of ideas and practices that arise each week.

Open Practice encourages everybody to come along as a way to explore together and exchange ideas and thoughts in a supportive and nourishing environment. If you are interested in facilitating a session please get in touch.

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