Memorial by Alice Oswald | Brink Productions

The Opportunity
To be part of 215 community members on stage for the Brisbane Premiere of Memorial staring
Helen Morse at the Brisbane Festival for 4 performances from 7 September 2018 – 9 September

About the Show
Memorial is an international theatrical collaboration to be staged at The Playhouse – Queensland
Performing Arts Centre as part of the Brisbane Festival 2018.
Stripping much of the narrative from the Iliad, Oswald’s Memorial is an intense and urgent elegy for
each of the 215 dead soldiers named in Homer’s epic.
Memorial is performed by one of Australia’s most celebrated actors, Helen Morse, joined by an
ensemble of Australian and International singers/musicians and dancers Lina Limosani, Larissa
McGowan and Tobiah Booth-Remmers. All the while, a 215-strong community chorus moves as a
haunting and uplifting presence across the stage. Directed by Brink Productions' Chris Drummond,
with choreography by Circa’s Yaron Lifschitz & Ben Knapton, this “beautiful, transcending, sensual,
original and relevant” production stands as a requiem to all those who have made the ultimate
sacrifice during conflict and war.

To be apart of this amazing opportunity download this PDF