Rita Price

Advocating for Dance in Queensland

Rita Pryce

Rita was born and raised in Zenadh Kes – Torres Strait Islands. Her family belongs to the Kulkalgal, Kawrareg and Wagadagam people of the Near Western and Central regions. Rita opened Pryce Centre for Culture and Arts in Cairns after her visit to the UK as a recipient of the British Council’s ACCELERATE Leadership Award. Her time there inspired her to establish a place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to maintain their cultures, and develop their skills in creative arts.

She enjoys creating opportunities and innovative programs, all of which acknowledge and highlight the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural content. Raising awareness on the effects of climate change and how her people back home on the Islands are being affected is one of the issues Rita is passionate about. She also encourages leadership and success with all that she does, especially in children.

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