Force Majeure Announce 2013’s Cultivate Company

After a selection process that encompassed over 100 applicants, Force Majeure have announced their Cultivate Company for 2013. Cultivate is a unique lab-style workshop that gives choreographers, directors, dancers and physical performers/actors direct experience of the methodologies employed by Force Majeure to create new work. Taking place 15 July – 2 August 2013, the lab is led by Kate Champion, Artistic Director of Force Majeure and Byron Perry, Associate Director of Force Majeure. The company-members are listed below. Directors Ghenoa Gela Victoria Hunt Kirk Page Jason Pitt Performers Phillip Benjamin Jenkins Paea Leach Gregory Simon Lorenzutti Katina Olsen Bhenjamin Radburn Taree Sansbury (NAISDA Secondment) Carl Sciberras (JUMP Mentee) Melinda Tyquin Samantha Williams