16 artists, four choreographers, one collective, one virtual collaboration, 6 new works and 1 showing.

The indepenDANCE PROJECT is Brisbane choreographers exploring, shattering and collaborating on new work in a creative intensive, culminating in a studio showing of their discoveries. IndepenDANCE is a platform for dance artists to engage in new ideas, break boundaries and assist in strengthening our dance community. Come share in their creations!

This years ARTISTS:
Choreographer/Creators – Zachary Lopez, Leane Ungerer, Scott Sneddon and Sojung Bangh, and the Amalgamate Collective (Laura McNally, Brianna Law and Nadia Milford). This year dancers will also work with Nerida Matthaei and Liesel Zink as they also explore new ideas.

Dancers – Charles Ball, Asher Bowen-Saunders, Emily Doherty, Bek Groves, Isabella Hood, Essie Horn, Meg King, Abbey Moore, Felix Palmerson, Georgie Pierce, Tiana Pinnell, Danika Sayce, Lauren Sherlock, Renia Takeuchi and Chiu-Ju Wang,

Coordinating Team - Nerida Matthaei (Artistic Director/Mentor) and Liesel Zink (Mentor)

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