Triptik (Toowoomba)

By Jen Murray & Jacob Watton

TRIPTIK is a triple bill of contemporary dance works created by Brisbane based choreographer Jacob Watton. From a sell-out season at the SUPERCELL Contemporary Dance Festival in Brisbane, Watton's performance 'and JULIET' will headline the triple bill. 'Human/e' and 'Mother' will premiere to Toowoomba audiences with a cast of eight local emerging performers and a seasoned professional dancer taking the stage. TRIPTIK tackles universal concepts of love, politics, identity and family, promising to captivate audiences from all walks of life.


  • and JULIET (Isabella Hood/ Nadia Milford/ Jacob Watton)
  • Mother (Jun Murray)
  • Human/e (Emma Andrews/ Eden Barker/ Elle Coleborn/ Madeleine Cybulski/ Sarah McCarthy/ Laura McCosker/ Taylor Seymour/ Misty Tommei)

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.